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Easy Bore Service

Let us help you with your directional drilling

Are you confused about how to go about your directional boring? You can count on the experts at Clay Pipeline, Inc., and let us help you in getting the job done right. This kind of boring is often done for the installation of underground drain, sewer, gas, oil, power, cable and communication lines. We do both industrial and commercial boring services.

Easy Boring is Usually Done on..

  • Cross driveways
  • Highways
  • Railways and other congested areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Landscaped areas or any area where a minimal impact is desired

Directional Boring has Three Stages

  • Drilling a pilot hole on the designated path
  • A larger cutting tool or a reamer is passed through the pilot hole to make it larger (the reamer’s diameter depends on the size of the pipe)
  • The product is placed on a casing pipe in the enlarged hole by way of the drill that’s pulled behind the reamer

Because the drilling head is underground and not visible from the surface, the location and guidance of the drill is an essential factor while drilling. The directional drilling is usually done with the help of drilling fluid, which is a mixture of water and bentonite or polymer. This is done to stabilize the borehole, to cool the cutting head and to lubricate the passage of the pipe.

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